Some kind of routine?

Life under lockdown continues for us with the added uncertainty of when we could be able to do more than we do at the moment.

I have ordered some more plants online. Naughty of me but I have so many things going on it gives me a sense of things to look forward to. I’m going to add a gallery of why May might be my favourite gardening month.

Not sure if these are goodies or baddies? Spanish or native?
Weed or wild?
Acquilegia in bud.
Iris did recover after deadheading…
White bluebells?
Acquilegia has always been a favourite but it’s indiscriminate about where it appears…

I am going to try and get some rigour into my posting but it’s strangely quiet from my readers. I’d love to hear from you occasionally?

These saplings are ones I think need pulling ASAP don’t you think?
Peony and allium potential!

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