Weekends are good for this! And the enormous bag we got topsoil in for our raised beds is holding garden waste till collections start again. A lot of the garden needs shifting, away from the garden preferably. Compost doesn’t really need baddies. They need severe heat or a wormery ideally but it’s a time of uncertainty and we would rather get the baddies collected.

The saplings are gone!
Topsoil bag has extras….
We can see our anniversary apple tree…

But there are others still to be chopped but it’s been a busy couple of hours and the weekly shop still hovers like a black cloud over us. Nine year old offered to take her teen to the supermarket but hmmm, that’s a no. We will negotiate our shopping in another way – she wanted to pay and I’m not sure her GoHenry will cover it!

Spanish has been confirmed but they are pretty!

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