Still weeding … I really do go at those weeds!

An area that had been neglected was attacked yesterday and today. I’ve had a look at ‘No Dig’ theories and without covering the garden in a football-pitched tarpaulin I don’t really think my gardening can work like that. Bindweed, mares tail and Couch Grass have really long roots and even painting them with Glyphosate weed killers above ground isn’t going to get rid and not ruin the soil for future plants. Hard work is foreseen for the foreseeable…

It’s a mess still but…
New plant gets sun and shade…

There’s a lot of housekeeping in our plot and although I planned for 2020 to be a year of change, the world had different plans. A pandemic of this type was predicted but it passed me by in the process of moving or not five years ago. Don’t get me wrong I am glad we are here but it’s hard not to see friends other than digitally, and that was pre-Covid and down to finances and practical things like access to transport. Life will go on but change must happen.

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