How do we know it’s growing?…

First season with a greenhouse and the broad beans are the runaway stars. Other things are showing through but other seeds have yet to surface. Have I killed them by missing a day of watering, or is that usually ok? Plants that are hardest to bear are the lovely meconopsis and poppies that I planted outside as per instructions.

Neglected corner…
Soppy guard dog 😏

But can’t really dwell on that – too much to do! A little corner which is very important was getting overcome with weeds and stuff. I say that as it’s miscellaneous bricks and mortar and broken debris blocking the special drain down the side of the house so I got my boots on and have tidied and pulled out turf growing over the concrete. Hard manual stuff but it needs doing.

Kids on Messenger!

I was supplied drinks when oldest daughter realised an amazon delivery might have arrived while asleep but I’ve actually had it since last night when we found it sitting in the letter cage. Our guard dog didn’t notice!

Here’s a little bouquet of my fave weeds!

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