Reading about Covid 19?

A friend just posted about her experience of having Covid19 and it’s not good. Written down four or five of the symptoms are what I can put down to an MS relapse? I feel constantly dizzy and off balance. I regularly snap for no reason. I’ve been lying down a lot. I could be one of these people who spread the disease by not knowing how sick they are. Welcome to my world?

There is a rowan here and a chestnut… is there a sycamore too?
Rowan? Times 2?

But back to the garden! There are a lot and I mean a lot of saplings taking root all over the garden and we won’t be able to cut them all down. I don’t want a forest in the garden but there’s some seriously large trees trying to grow in my garden. Like sycamores, horse chestnuts and rowan. We already took one down as it was an old tree gone rotten inside but cutting the top off has left bits regrowing all around. I wonder whether gardening at the moment is good for me or adding to the stress. I can see some of my favourite things in bud in the borders. I can’t wait till those alliums come out. Please let them be huge purple globes.

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