Meditating on life outside the house…

I hate the life we are leading at the moment. Even more in limbo than at any time since my MS diagnosis and no further forward with a job/role that keeps me busy but not too busy. I tried gardening but there were lots of reasons that didn’t work; three days a week was perfect but I have to accept the dizzy spells I have are too regular for the up and down nature of weeding or the lopping staring up and stretching also make me wobble.

The lockdown has seen me trying to do as much of the garden as I can but the elimination of the garden waste collection means I cannot get rid of as much of the shrubs much as I dislike them; I am forced to prune and prune cleverly.

Dandelions are everywhere and I am slipping them into the already full brown bin because I don’t want them to multiply anymore in the compost.

Sitting in the shade…
Trimming grass and weeds

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