A lot more productive today!

I did some good gardening yesterday and I know it is helping my mental health. I had a temporary dip because its a difficult situation we are all in. Not everybody will be coping and some are flouting the rules apparently. The deaths from COVID 19 could be much higher than we know because they count hospital deaths and spout those figures confidently but don’t count care home deaths? The more this goes on the more anxious I become and I am a glass half full person? I want to believe the people in charge but are they reliable? I’m not a fan of the governing party who practised lies in the election so what has changed?

Think I better get digging some couch grass? Oh and deciding how to store it! As my brown bin isn’t being collected anymore so the changes I want to make will have to wait… and the slabs I want to buy keep popping up in my FB feed spurring me on to purchase…

I know I will do it if they’ll deliver. One of those bored isolators with itchy fingers… and the local garden centre will deliver… it may be difficult to get through on the phone? Ho-hum I am depressed if I am honest. I am struggling with the restrictions just like everyone else. I am scared to volunteer as it might mean going out. Filling the car at a petrol pump… apparently some garages are very cheap atm… hubby still in the garage shed.

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