It’s getting harder…

I can’t stand being stuck in the house all day…

The TVs never at standstill yet if I ask for the volume to be lowered, I am the baddy? I know I am not the only one struggling but I feel caught, right between that proverbial rock and falling out with everyone in the house. Even getting out in the garden is tricky. I am despondent and don’t want to get cold and muddy. The heat of the last couple of days has vanished and I might as well go back to bed?

I am not alone though, and this could be worse if I had to go into self-isolation. But I have relatives who are on their own and unable to get out at all. Phoning them is proving hard when you have MS because of something the dr explained to me many years ago.

But I think my mood was observed and we went for a walk into town for some essentials – bongela or it’s equal for smallest’s mouth ulcer- and I bought some seeds and things for planting. I bought some Californian poppies which although occasionally yellow are mostly vibrant orange. Oldest is still wrapped around the tv like it’s her life source and I’m regretting Disney+ being bought. It seems to have poor sound requiring top volumes at all times.

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