Four weeks in lockdown…

Sounds dramatic but it isn’t really! I was just drinking a strong gin and the oldest is making enchiladas (with a packet)… a supermarket was visited this morning and it was not the awful two hours I had built it up into. I didn’t want to go and it was better than last week. Lots of improvements and I didn’t need to take the gloves we looked out. If I’m honest though it helped me not to touch my face! I was conscious last week of how often I will flick my hair out my eyes or rub my forehead. Not the done thing now but my nearest supermarket and staff were handing out trolley wipes and antiseptic spray liberally.

I didn’t get any flour though, so my spelt pack from last week will have to last. I managed a better shop this week as familiarity of the layout helps. There were problems at certain parts of the shop which everyone largely accepted as part of today’s world. I heard panicked voices but they were being helped. Well done Morrison’s today.

I came back and had a rest and then braved cutting the grass at the front. I have been keeping my eyes open for mares tail at the front and so far, the rejigging of plants and bulbs, seem to be holding back the green fronds. Maybe it’s too early for it? I will have to work out how to dispose of it if it does reappear? Not supposed to burn garden rubbish at the moment…

Curry plant looking dramatic!
First iris has appeared.

I was in the garden when my MS nurse called. I go to Cambridge on the train usually to get to Addenbrookes but my appointment was cancelled and we had a few emails about getting my bloods, which I was being sent to a different hospital for and I asked whether I could get it done locally. The upshot is it can wait till July. My youngest and I had just been sitting down when the call happened. She doesn’t normally have any part of my MS appointment as I try to have them when the kids are at school. So we had a little chat about it (who was that?) until she spotted a dozy bee when we were sat there beside the curry plant. It took off after we left the area.

Walking the dog passed the blossoms and the power enclosure…
Was the cat trapped?

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