Experimenting with Broad beans…

Transplants in individual pots.
Bigger pots…
And outside?

I told you I’ve only had my greenhouse since last year. It was free cycled or similar for £40. I’ve never grown broad beans before and spurred on by the balmy weather of the last couple of days I headed out to transplant my broad beans. I’ve put some into individual pots and others have gone outside. And I’ve come in to escape the cold! Yes it’s turned on me.

But greenhouse growth is puzzling – it hasn’t seen anything appear in the aubergines or tomatoes, squash or pumpkins. I’ve seen sunflowers appear and cosmos. But the cosmos frazzled by one bright day and missed watering…

I am still watching for growth outside and there are lovely things appearing but no blue tulips yet?

Blink and you’d miss these tiny bluebells.
Aquilegia is coming through as well.
These yet to bud tulips look like peonies? Different to the purple tulip in front.

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