I don’t want this to go on forever…

I know I am lucky. I had a flat with a housing association back in the days. It was minutes from Ladbroke Grove tube station and the teeny share I owned was enough to pay a substantial share of our house in St Albans. And we trebled the garden when we moved again. I feel incredibly lucky. I nearly said blessed but that is slightly more religious sounding than I feel comfortable with. Faith is not a topic I will cover.

I started this with just the headline yesterday and I wandered round the garden with my phone and there was so much to enjoy. I threw frisbee and squeaky toy for the dog and am sitting in the semi shade having watered the greenhouse trays. I am really a newbie when it comes to planting on the seedlings so I don’t know whether the broad beans are ready to be repotted. Some seeds have yet to show but my wheelbarrow either is going to be amazing or the weeds are mocking me.

Hopefully some cornflower and hollyhocks.
Orange to red tulips… maybe a painting?
Dog is less energetic in the heat.
Fritillaries and anemones in our front garden.

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