A glimmer of hope!

Ok the good news is in. People with autoimmune conditions may be less susceptible to catching Covid 19. That’s a win in my book. It was posted in Barts MS forum and that is not an insignificant medical team.

Under the trampoline is a favourite spot but it looks very uncomfortable.

It’s time for MSers to have something on their side, just hoping it doesn’t turn me into this house’s nursemaid in future. I have not felt great since hospital with my eldest to be honest but I think that is down to MS rather than any bug I’ve picked up.

So I’ll keep on digging and grass cutting to see if my strength comes back. Only my eldest seems to reserve the grass cutting for herself, leaving me the emptying and cleaning and charging of the battery… hmm maybe need to rethink?

Can you see what shouldn’t be here?

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