A whole afternoon shopping…

I didn’t know what to expect. I went a wee bit farther to a bigger supermarket today. It took a queue of at least twenty minutes to get in the front door. It was a store I’ve shopped in before but I definitely bought more because the layout was unfamiliar and because I can’t keep a tally in my head it cost a whole lot.

Strange times and still no flour? Bags of pasta but no tinned tomatoes. I bought preprepared foods I’ve never tried before in the hope that at least three of us can eat together, when children like things on alternative days. Not sure which one is on the autistic spectrum sometimes, and often feel it might be me!

Just as I got to the door a smile and they closed…

This weekend won’t see a garden centre visit either if we remain in isolation. But the isolation is not clear cut either when you can spend hours shopping and fill your bags with a whole weeks’ food. And I haven’t been the shopper of big shops until recent changes and hubby has been working non stop in the shed.

Maybe the discomfort of this home working will bring about that home office/workspace I dream of? Dream on…

I am not advertising this brand over any other. We use all of the ones in LGC.
Not a healthy shop either… it’s Good Friday tomorrow so the Easter Eggs were impulse purchases!

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