Bored Yet?

As I’ve said before my garden is big enough for me to consider it a lifetime project. We may never move again (my FB keeps posting lovely new houses, take note!) and I have just been out conscious of a day not watching/watering the greenhouse and boy, it is daily needed, now!

I also did some weeding (avoiding poop where I can – the girls are not checking enough!) and filled a mini plastic bucket. When I was working we filled these several times at each garden, but I am trying to think what is compostable but this was bits of brambles, dandelions and couch grass which to be honest, I don’t want in my compost. Garden bin collection is heartily missed and I’ve not had it that long.

French beans…
Euphorbia growing through the grass…

I said the dog was the responsibility of the kids and there is a lot of garden patrols being skipped, which makes it harder for me to get down and pull the weeds and cut the grass. It was cut a week ago and already growing madly, which reinforces my opinion that the grass is largely weeds. Flower beds I try to create are overtaken so quickly I wish it was with something that gives me joy. I just know the expensive stuff gets strangled really quickly. I do however have plenty of tulips to look forward to still.

Huge bumble bee in the greenhouse and there are loads of pollinators in the garden to feed it…
These tulips I just spotted. This bed had loads of new bulbs I have been keen to see.

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