Ignoring the front garden…

I have been staying inside or staying in our back garden. I had been planting things and keeping my fingers crossed we get something back. So when I ventured the front garden just now I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s peaceful for a start and very few passers by but there are lovely flowers and annoying weeds. I reckon I wouldn’t be risking my spacing from people by weeding and if I kept my head down by staying behind the front hedge.

Or I just leave the weeds… shock horror!

I have seen things coming to life though and that pleases me no end. Things that are not pale pastel pink, my least favourite colour, but purple (tulips) and blue (anemones) and black (sambucas nigra). I want to break curfew and order up some more slabs and gravel with the refund of the trip to Harlow Carr. Silver lining!

Frilly narcissus.
Ignore the weeds! Tulips still to flower…

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