A few things needing doing…

Still cold in the centre of England! And I tried to get some admin done but I was left with a lot of angst after the computer said no. I had simple instructions but nobody told the interweb that. Sitting at the dining table is not ergonomically comfy and I don’t want to do it really so I’m easily distracted. Hohum!

So what happens? I get a call from fundraisers and they let rip with a speil and a half. I really don’t have £10 a month for anything and who knows how long this crisis is going to go on for. I feel for anybody having to do phone calls for a living. And asking anyone for cash at the moment, bum deal.

Anxiety as I said is creeping into my psyche and I don’t like it. I feel the MS Hug I think over the last few days as well. Gardening would help but nature turned the thermostat down. April is normally fresh but bright. Check! But snowy temperatures do not compute.

Can we look forward to anything different over the weekend? We’re on lockdown what was I thinking? Can’t even drive anywhere for a break… Ideas for this new world in the comments please!

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