Braving the Supermarket?

No pasta or flour on my supermarket trip today. I managed to do a weekly shop if we can do without them. It’s all a mystery how this can go on? I’ve seen posts showing food being chucked away but it really beats me when I consider how little we as a family waste in normal times.

I bought a couple of plants (yay) but the majority are still parked by the door of the supermarket and I wanted to check for the staples we aren’t always able to find. And I am still not buying into going out in the breakfast hour to queue up for a weekly shop.

More tulips! What colour? Still haven’t seen Queen of the Night…

Will the herbs in pots from the supermarket grow if I plant them? Is it worth trying with my 50p purchase today? I am really itching to get some circles of slabs for the garden… where will be the first place to sell them in this strange time?

It’s not pink!

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