No Fooling Around…

I really don’t cope with the changes we are having to make. I am not lucky enough to have two areas to sit in peace in the house and it’s so cold. My hubby is freezing in the garage. I don’t like it at all. Kids doing work they are sent but no such luxury for me? I wish I had a task list to be done at will but they don’t supply them for me.

Again I am falling between categories. Not frail enough to be at risk but some think I am. A phone call from Lister asking if I can come in for a procedure next week? I only saw the consultant the other week. If anything I thought it would be July before it happened… I have asked to postpone as it seems mad to be self-isolating and take myself to a hospital for cosmetic surgery?

And it’s so damn cold! I can’t warm up. I keep convincing myself the weeding will be my next task but honestly, no it’s not. January and February fooled us – this is winter (without snow) – and the greenhouse is going to be sanctuary (better not over/under water my seeds!

Lots of orange tulips
Cosmos are sprouting
Broad beans have been covered in more compost

There are some worrying grey patches on the red pepper seed trays and deafening lack of growth but the greenhouse is cold today so can you blame the seeds for hiding? I’m going in. The fire is calling…

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