Life is never simple. My daughter has to have surgery. We went to Lister, then QE2, then Lister again to get the news and we’re on waitlist for surgery. I get to go in with her. I wonder how it will improve my chances, or hers, of catching Coronavirus? The virus which is being touted as an epidemic which hits the elderly/poorly hardest?


Joy of joys. Can’t even hit the garden to calm my frazzled nerves as I am booked in the hairdresser this morning… I am immunocompromised like most MSers, but I didn’t take the chemo route last year which would have left me weaker. I’ll take that as a win, but I know others who must be worried. But we’re MS Warriers, too, we don’t let the monsters win.

We’ve got beds to fill when I have time…

I have an anniversary to plan, too. We had the decade last year so it’s not a major number, but we’ve got a lunch to attend and other things. Life goes on. Harrogate Flower Show and RHS Harlow Carr are a trip I booked last year which is coming up fast. Hope the supposed epidemic calms down by then… as I’m looking forward to seeing friends who moved in that area a few years back.

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