Planting in February!

Ok it was beautiful in the garden today. There was also plenty to do.

I filled the bottom of the big garden beds with black plastic to kill off the grass, which has couch grass in so I don’t want to leave it to grow up into the soil when we get it. Some turf I did dig up to plant some of the perennials I’ve bought to bring a little bit of my favourites into the garden, as well as some new favourites I’ve found in other gardens in North Herts. I’ve planted some lavenders I picked up in Aldi, some black iris, deep red lilies and some black eyed Susan’s I’ve found in Wilkos.

Thyme from Aldi…

I used my tools better having learned how to clean them and use them, including the half moon which I have used to cut the grass edge. I pulled up the old lavender bush so I have been discussing how to reinstate my herb garden and make it more usable. I made mistakes with some of the choices and I am thinking it is nicer to have mixtures of plants, flowers and herbs all over the garden. Some things work and others don’t and I am not professionally trained in horticulture but I want to start to make the garden attractive in different ways.

One thing though, I think the dog isn’t impressed that her view of the squirrels from the base of the apple tree has changed so she is having to find a new vantage point…

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