One man’s weeds…

I ripped out ivy in a lot of gardens last year and it made me see it as a weed. I had been ignoring it in one corner in particular and it was under a lot of stuff which needs composting or putting out for collection. I discovered a slab which had anchors for a statue…


A couple of hours and the ivy is no longer holding up (or onto) the fence. I’ll find my patio knife to get the last of it off. I wonder if my gardening neighbour next door will notice the absence of lots of ivy?

Some semi-composted waste has joined the compost bin. And it has been shuffled around to see if rotation will help it. It’s still nowhere near as impressive as some I saw last year – I still feel such a novice despite picking up lots of helpful tactical tips. It’s still early enough this year to get planting and growing for those areas of the garden where my previous planting has been overcome with weeds.

I’m also still searching for a top soil supplier for those new vegetable beds. It will need one of those tonne bags I think. Suggestions on an email please? The gardener’s work is never done…

Prickles from brambles, wild roses and standard roses… oh and dead leaves.

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