Boxes needing filled…

I saw a post of someone making raised beds yesterday so we picked up the sides for three square planters… The guy who makes them is using up old pallets but they are very nicely done. In fact, we were introduced to a grower of amazing orchids at the same time.

That rosemary needs a trim.
Lavender needs replaced.
Blossom again gives plenty for bees…

We are now bushed and looking for the cheapest supplier of a tonne of topsoil. They look very good and we’ve asked the maker to do me a compost bin as we are filling bins and making compost like crazy. There is a method to my madness.

I can fill a garden bin which gets collected next week with couch grass and lawn from where the beds will sit. Drawing a plan isn’t happening either and the garden is changing organically to be less of a football pitch and more of a location. My littlest shed is not watertight in reality and I really have to think how to protect my tools.

Assembly of the beds…
Lots of blossom…

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