Still no snow… until today!

I was wondering whether we are going to end up in a unbearably hot summer situation after our unseasonably warm winter weather. Until it snowed this morning. It’s only a light smattering I am hoping will follow the Met Office advice and stop in an hour…

Those buddleia that were needing a trim…

The superstitious among you will say I’ve brought this on myself! Fingers crossed I haven’t. And I’ve been following lots of people in greenhouses galore planting their seeds with abandon. It’s not even March! So I feel it will still be early enough to do some after the threat of snow has disappeared.

Snow hides a lot…

I’ll share the pics I took of flowers yesterday…

Hmm, not sure what this will be?
Ubiquitous daffodils are not as thick under the Apple tree…
Crocus I think?

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