Still planning…

As the wind howls and spreads debris round the garden, I am reminded that last week when it was sunny I picked up some bits at wilkos and splurged on a few mail order seeds. (I know it was on a reduced price and I need to start using the greenhouse for growing new things!

My kind of colours…

I also have some other things stashed in the greenhouse already and I’m hoping I’ll have some energy after a few hours at ENT for my daughter today. I looked at the letter this morning and it said be prepared for a three-hour appointment. Oh joys!

Hence the blog of hope? I also watched gardening programmes on the telly box last night and I still dream of someone doing a magic spell so the garden can change from ramshackle to tidy. Last night I discovered the felt had blown off a shed and I harboured brief dreams that we would replace said shed. But a good hammer stepped in.

Rough and ready…

It’s only February after all. Too early to throw in the towel but weeds are stepping in where they aren’t wanted. I need to speak to some gardeners locally and get some advice. The path of sand and grit on one garden makeover made me laugh inwardly when I wondered how they’d keep cats off. We have our lovely doggie now to warn off intruders (squirrels) but the builders sand we have left won’t cover the area needing hidden.

Bad rubble and weeds.
This old lavender bush has not weathered the wind.
Looked unrepairable…

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