Crazy Plant Lady?

Am I a crazy plant lady? Hmm, probably! I saw a survey shared by a friend on Facebook that says crazy, plant ladies live longer… well my odds are compromised by the statistics already, so I’ll add these ones, thank you!

Bin shot? Crazy…

‘According to a study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, women who have green fingers have a lower mortality rates and improved mental health.

I’m not saying much about my own green fingers at the moment, as if I’m honest my plant survival rates have been a bit hit or miss in the last few years since we moved house. House plants have come and gone as the window sills are either too hot, in direct sun or the opposite, facing north and not enough sun. The front and back gardens are the same, and the things I said were going are largely still in place. I do most of the garden plant maintenance and I accept that without some help I can’t get whole shrubs to the tip, and the garden bin fills too quickly and is only collected fortnightly.

We went to a wedding last night and I think my hangover is being delayed by tapping out these musings about our little big plot.

No more plant buying till we see what grows back…

Rubbish needs redistributed…

Tree stump needs eradicating…

Maybe I am a little crazy!

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