February out of everything…

I woke up to FB posts about aggression on Brexit night…

Any other February we see ice and snow yet the sign of climate change show that I could be out there digging stuff up and planting…

I felt sad today so maybe digging some areas tomorrow might help with my sorrow. Lots has been lost and the Government are using new powers to set their own rules. Brexiteers I hope you are feeling glad to be back in the ’50s!

I planted lots of bulbs last year and it looks like squirrels didn’t eat them…

Bulbs are coming through!

I will be scouring FB to find some free stuff to do some landscaping. Anybody with any ideas or free stuff, please get in touch! I still haven’t done a drawing, but I’ve been fighting fatigue and back pain the gardening job exacerbated. Not really sure whether my urgent antibiotics and blood tests will show me free of the staphylococcus aureus infection I had over Christmas. It was picked up in a swab of my surgery area in December and I have felt more rubbish than I have in ages. From my brief google it is a nasty, unlike any I have had before.

Can I get some gardening help this year or is it too early to make that request?


Epping Forest

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