Nothing like being stuck in the hairdressers with a gardening mag to help with the planning of some trips. I can even go to Cambridge or other places locally to see snowdrops. Sometimes the benefits of living in Hertfordshire come to the fore when you realise how many estates and gardens have special days to see Galanthus!

Other trips need to be put in the diary I think as I am not good at remembering why the date rings a bell if it’s not diarised! It’s such a techno world I don’t read physical press so much so I have to take photos so that I don’t lose the references. I have my kindle in my bag… I will also tell you next month how my FB perusing led to a really pleasant coffee. And how my different work streams could finally come together!

Sorry about the selfie shadow…

And the shops are full of corms and bulbs if you fancy getting stuck in on a cold January day? Hmm though cheap I am not buying yet!

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