Too cold to …

I had a little bit of downtime this week, as I went and had a little cosmetic surgery to complete what was done last year. I say complete, it’s still a work in progress apparently as I can still go for a tattoo… For a forty something that is a real consideration, and the cost may be too! I’ve never been tattooed and I think I’d rather pay for the lady who met me, than the one who will do NHS but refused to give an appointment to talk to me… She suggested something organic or floral, which made me think.

I’ve been indoors a lot! Hospital was 7.15am till 4.30pm. For something so tiny, the waiting was excruciating and the stories one old dear subjected me to, well let’s just say I have never met such a hypochondriac I don’t think. And I’ve met a few.

Being inside has meant a lot of staring out the windows and wishing that we could afford something to just cover over the exposed hardcore… I have managed a lot in the last few months but not that. I am glad I am not still working in other people’s gardens as it is now obvious I couldn’t have had the surgery and gone back to that. I am fitter but hospital takes it out of me, though I have still done a lot of my mum jobs today.

I really want to get my brain round some new challenges. Anybody got any suggestions for a currently jobless, not quite sofa-bound, gardening enthusiast? Answers on a Christmas card x

Wymondley Wood

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