Two Make Light Work…

Granny helped me to fill the bin again! It was emptied at elevenish? Well the two of us massacred the spiky bush by the front gate. It is definitely one for the bin, and despite chopping it fairly well, it filled the bin…

I didn’t anticipate that! I hope anything else that gets culled this fortnight will be composting candidates! Those bins probably need attention too, as maybe they are ready for use, mulching some of my beds.

It was quite restful to be out with mum doing the front garden and hedge though being hurled abuse by a passing cyclist was unexpected. What was his problem? Aggression seems to be more of the norm these days which is sad. I am not going to become a midnight gardener for the front to avoid passersby.

I still have plans and if I have to work to afford my desires, then I will hunt down that job!

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