How Many Leaves?

I think I need to find a grabber tool! We have a couple of enormous trees, three or so middling ones and lots of shrubs that are effectively trees. So that’s a lot of leaves! And I filled the brown bin with fallen leaves today. Until I squashed them… I must keep filling it over the next two weeks.

My gardening equipment needs reviewing over the coming months. And a lot of that comes through pet ownership, and it’s been a long time since I was responsible for a dog and it was probably mum and dad who did the majority of their care? Now I am mum so yep what goes around comes around. And lots of new laws and rules make the ownership heavily onerous.

But back to the garden. I think given it’s now dark outside that I am going to add some pictures of the garden in previous winters. It’s stunning we have probably been taking pictures frequently so we have the kids but fewer and fewer of us. I am a bit of a photographer rather than a photoshopper so what you see is original and unedited. One of these days I will sit down and learn how to show you a montage…

One day I’ll also remember everything I was going to post about! I got a callback today about my surgery and it’s happening in 14 days, that’s 2 weeks! Eek! And before the election, and I am not going into the advice on tactical voting we have been bombarded with recently… And breathe…

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