It truly has turned Arctic in leafy Letchworth and my aches and pains though not constant are definitely not going away.

I’ll have to wrap up warm if I decide to do any gardening this week. I’ve ordered a leaf grabber and a new trowel and secateurs set. Well I needed it and the online deals were good! I’d also been offered a weeks work which disappeared at 9am with a phone call. That’s life these days in our gig economy. I must learn not to spend money before I earn it…

My tool buying has also been too ready this morning. I got home to be offered a shift from my long-standing employer, only one but it helps. But I entered Black Friday with a decisive attitude. I will buy stuff I need. I also have a companion now when I venture in the garden and she looks at me as if to say ‘nothing to do here! Walk me instead!’ So that may be where I disappear to next…

Who can resist me?

Indoors with a cake!

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