November is Too Wet

Planting has been postponed due to the weather and my pain and inertia. Free time should see this job get finished but it’s turned bitterly cold and flooding has happened across the country. We luckily escaped that but the earth is soft pre freeze. If I was still working I’d be having to work through this weather but I’m clearly not fit. I am having to find things to do that I’m still capable of but the list has diminished hugely.

A hospital appointment took over my afternoon and I decided to take buses to Stevenage rather than drive myself. I was worried that if I was sick again when I saw this particular consultant then I wouldn’t feel like driving back . Instead I subjected myself to the inane and crass bragging

A roaring fire is needed!
Leaf clearing is needed!

of the teenage lads behind me on public transport. Letchworth look out for your daughters!!! As the mother of girls I want to lock them up like Rapunzel when I think they could be exposed to that behaviour and language.

Home now and I am keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow when I can see if any last jobs can be done outside before the cold of preChristmas weather. Winter markets are starting to feature in local adverts everywhere so that could be a treat for finishing the last tidyups.

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