Poop patrol!

There is a serious disadvantage to dog ownership and that is the obvious poop disposal necessary every single day! Even worse when the leaves have fallen all over the damn things…

Filling up the brown bin…

I went out intending to do more, but I’ve only managed about an hour of lopping the Laurel (which is on my destroy list) before my hands were screaming in pain, and when I decided to test them with the planting I still need to do, it was raining (my least favourite weather) so I decided to finish this post instead.

Earlier I was astonished to find flowers on my clematis, which flowers in June normally, and some rosebuds too, now I know that pruning helps the bushes to rebut I still have to wonder at the tenacity and confusion in the garden for these flowers to appear as we experience the first freezing temperatures? But I post the pictures to prove I didn’t imagine them or the brambles…

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