MidSeptember woohoo!

Life has speeded up and gotten loads more complicated since school went back and I am still working three days a week. It’s meant a few things have been put in place but not having access to a car at key points have made me realise how much it has become a necessary part of my life and our life as a family. I want my independence back!

Berries are in surplus on bushes, this is the first hint that it’s going to be a severe winter…
This is a dahlia from my freebies in the garden society shop.
Not very healthy looking remnant of a previous gardener?

September is still quite warm and we have become quite used to our life in 20+ degrees. I have spent my three days working and it has been loads of weeding but also lots of bulb planting. This uninitiated gardener had no idea truly how many bulb options there were! I feel my colour scheme being thwarted if I can order some of the things I want now! Colochons and Scilla are new types to me?

I bought these last weekend…

I have some medical appointments coming up – with my neuro and my dentist – and I am so hoping that they don’t throw any unplanned surprises in my direction. I hope the new job will be a pleasant surprise to my neuro and I will be commended for finding and doing something physical?

This interloper needs lopping…

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