Bulb planting!

Front garden is getting stripped of golden rod, geraniums and weeds!

Should read weeding really… I haven’t posted for a week so I am reflective. It’s hard doing my day job at home now and I am struggling to ignore the stuff I really hate now that we subscribe to the garden bin collection too. I do wish I had two bins as I can fill our brown bin in an hour or less? But the ground at the front is rock hard and weeds are stubborn. My ideal would be to be creating a marvellous compost (some of the gardens I visit do really impressive compost?) but still my energy goes on filling the brown bin with stuff I don’t want to compost.

But going to the local pound shops and contemporary Woolworths saw my allium and tulip collection grow and despite clear ideas that the orange ones go there and the purple ones go there, my little helper has muddled them up so the spring is looking less regimented. And instructions on the packets were being followed to the letter (but not by me!).

Easily bored, she disappeared and I was left to my weed destroying for a good half an hour before the return to do a little bit on my comfy mat leaving me to perch precariously on her tiny kids one… I love my girls but the gardening bug is not the same for my kids.

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