I have become very blasé about hospitals, given how often I have to visit them. It was busy in my MS clinic yesterday, my neuro agreed that gardening was a good plan for me but I have a low reading from my blood test which needs to be monitored so it’s back again in 3 months to see the nurse/have more blood taken.

I so much prefer Addenbrookes as a destination for my neuro appointments than any of my prior hospitals (Hemel, St Albans, Luton & Dunstable) as they were at the end of unpleasant bus routes or housed in portacabins or constantly changed venues. A train and efficient buses in Cambridge, a regular location, as well as the vibrancy of the centuries old city make Cambridge more of a day out. Shops and cafes are better too – the market stalls have ever-changing tasty food to try! There was also a need for a watch so I was hunting around. They seem to all have computers inside watch shapes now so an excuse to charge hundreds instead of double digits?

I have to go back to the Lister in November which will hopefully not lead to an inquisition into my choice of Addenbrookes but maybe I can point them to my blog? I can drive to Lister but the parking is appalling! Another thing to consider which is common to medical facilities I’ve known and hated…

Lunch in Henlow today and helping at the garden shop tomorrow so a case of everything falling on the same weekend again.

Cambridge has an Apple shop which was manic yesterday – think it was an 11 launch or something, it was full of young trendies!

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