Me again!

I really didn’t think I’d post again but the trimming of dead lavender caused all things stripy to go a bit manic! I cut some lavender (which I’ve been doing all week elsewhere) which was on its last legs, believe me, and every kind of pollen collector swarmed the bush!

In retrospect, maybe I should have stopped but I need to keep on top of this garden or I will be back to scratch again. I’d really like to do some planting of my own but the inherited plants need taming. We have enormous brambles and standard roses which are lethal when deadheading. Even the pyracantha is hidden again so I can’t see whether it is still annoying our neighbours…

We also need to harvest the apples. Normally we are on holiday when the majority fall to the ground but maybe this year we can make some chutney jam or puddings before offering the windfalls to the local guinea pig shelter!

Ps a rhubarb and apple sponge was made by my littlest and it was yum! I like being able to eat from our garden x

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