Berry early?

The garden is abundant at the moment, and I am not sure whether it’s our abundant pruning or the potential for a terrible winter, providing food for our wildlife to store?

I also felt abundant in our local Wooolies-alike buying rather a lot of blue tulips, feathery tulips and a mixture of fluffy alliums.

I’m trying to do a bit a day so my interest doesn’t wane. But if I’m honest I’m still not doing the right things… my Beth Chatto plants haven’t fared well in their carefully chosen spots as I failed to check on them after planting? How can I have been so remiss? I read drought hardy as being sun baked and perhaps in gardening lingo I should have been more vigilant or did I soak them too much before planting?

Lily beetles are decimating stalks

Horse chestnut is always getting these bugs?

Our huge trees at the bottom of the garden are looking really poorly so the tree man may need consulting. Or I ask my new colleagues for their opinions? Lots of reasons to want to get rid and start again. Couch grass being one in the back – I need to cover over some areas to see what I can get rid. But I have also been pruning hard so maybe there will be a way to bring back from the sunbaked near death if I get out of the shade myself? A deckchair gardener needs to get busier again…

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