Decluttering of a different kind!

I’ve spent 3 weeks in other peoples gardens and today I went at mine with a vengeance! I have the deathly triumvirate but I am not alone?

Found a spade!
Trig of rose clippings
A rather nice shrub has been uncovered…

Two hours filled my brown bin – although I also got rid of three trugs from the fortnight before… and I had a bindweed bonanza at the back of the garden! I pulled out some mares tail at the front and hacked at the rose bush that attacks me when I’m on the front path. According to the knowledge I am picking up it had started to go wild so hacking back hard should do it some good (and save on replacement clothes!).

I’ve discovered some calla lilies struggling through so maybe my plant buying has been fruitful and I can hope for turning my garden around…

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