I’ve had a full on week and I am desperate to get my plant purchases in the ground…

I did overspend (I filled that box!) but worth it, I am sure. Some plants are now showing sold out on the website and the shop only had a small, and I mean titchy, selection of seed packets. I am hoping the purchases won’t be desperate for water as that would go against the fundamentals of the Beth Chatto ideals of plants surviving full sun and drought conditions.

I’ve put some in my new bed I created over the lawn and some in the bed we inherited which looks sad after the daffodils die back. It gets semi shade in late afternoon so got the plants that need semi-shade. I got some lambs ears, nepeta, salvia and rudbeckia as well as some deschampsia. And some others which the names are going to be forgotten by tomorrow… The soil/beds probably needed more preparation but that’s not the kind of gardener I am. I am pulling out couch grass so regularly it is definitely improving my biceps. I’m being lazy and giving you some pics where the labels are visible 😊🌺

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