Working in other people’s gardens…

Well I survived the first 3 days of working for a local gardening company. One day was a bit shaky cos I overheated but I am really enjoying it. The medics I see all think I need to do more exercises so I am doing a more physical job and I like it. On another plus side I have probably dropped a few of my holiday pounds and I could soon be getting into smaller sizes again and getting a new number. Triple yay!

The garden waste service has been subscribed and despite my horror at the charge for an extra bin I am going to try to progress the dismantling of some of the larger shrubs over the next year to gain a more ‘me’ garden. Lots of shrubs getting the chop!

I have been gardening in a variety of spaces in 3 days in Stevenage, Knebworth Hitchin and Letchworth. And really getting an idea of what will grow and what things to avoid…

A plan is forming!

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