St Andrews Botanical Gardens

A great way to spend a couple of hours! I grew up in Scotland but can’t remember visiting the Botanics in St Andrews at all in all my time here. And it is a beautifully laid out parkland. Oh and they have a tropical glasshouse full of butterflies!

There are five or six glasshouses and quite a vast area of walks and pathways to explore and see a wide spectrum of differently planted areas. The butterflies occupy one of the structures and we were sent in to the toasty tropical space on a timed ticket. I think we could easily have stayed over our allocated time slot as it was a fascinating experience to be up close to these fascinating creatures. We had visited Butterfly World when we lived in St Albans but I don’t remember the butterflies being so profuse.

Grampa and I walked round some of the gardens and I was amazed by the beauty of the gardens and their outstanding specimens. If I had one criticism, the info boards told you about where to see amazing specimens around the world but failed to celebrate the outstanding trees and bushes we were surrounded by. Again my fourth blog of the holidays was to encourage all my plant loving friends to make this a destination.

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