Fighting my Thugs with a Vengeance!

I am not gonna give up on fighting the Thugs we all love to hate, and little and often seems to be the key. I started working as a gardener doing full days but we might not see those gardens for a while. I see mine everyday so it occurs to me that my fight with the multitudes in our gardens are part of my daily deal.

I found a few treasures growing through the weeds and lily beetles have decimated all bar this lily I found this morning growing in my pot of sickly bamboo.

As you know, I reluctantly paid the Garden Tax and I was gonna have two bins but it seems I don’t just pay for the receptacle to be in duplicate, but I have to add £100 in addition! That got me so angry that the weeds were not safe and I cursed them with extra pulls!

The brown bin is now full to overflowing so I have to hope the weeds swelter over two weeks, allowing me to put it out for collection with nothing poking out!

The rose bush that’s a bit wild in the front was hacked back but it’s days are numbered as it grows out lethal tendrils that rip our clothes in passing. See I don’t love all roses, in fact only like a few of them, so they are actually my weeds!

Rowan trees line our street and they have reseeded in crevices all round the garden, house edges, cracks in the drive and on the border where the grass is cut by the heritage gardeners. Rowans, lovely as they are, are destined to join my Thug list.

I never even got to the back garden before I felt I had to let out my angst over the bin thing – I feel Mrs Angry starting to develop -and not even having a laugh with a dog owner whose sausage dog’s bark startled me (I was in the zone – weed mangler) or the lady who admired my new hat, calmed down my rage at the Conservatives (the local councillors recently ousted the Con councillor in charge of our council) that are ruining this country…

Livid I am!

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