Garden Visit en famille

We are visiting the East Coast of Scotland slightly earlier in the summer this year and we went out with both grandmothers and oldest daughter. It’s been a long time since I have visited Arbroath and we wandered along the front and were nearly soaked by breakers over the quay. After this we drove back to Lunan Bay and we got a beach fix – which we will come back to for sure with Squeaky! In fact when we returned home she was pretty mad that she’d missed the beach…

However, we did visit the gardens I wrote about last year as grannies hadn’t been to them and I think they enjoyed the gardens as much as we did – the planting and gardens are even more spectacular than we remembered and we had a walk round the castle and a cake, too.

There were a good few of my favourites as well as some spectacular specimens. Gunners towered over us more than 6fthigh. We had scones and cake today which makes for a happy holiday!

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