The Scottish Plant Hunters Garden

We had a visit to an interesting little treasure of a garden which celebrates the botanists and plant hunters who brought some of my current favourite trees, bushes and flowers to the UK from all over the world – New Zealand, Australia, Bhutan, China, India, North & South America and Japan from the 1700s to the 1920s.

The garden is located beside the Pitlochry Theatre in Pitlochry in Scotland. It is located on the Tummel Valley above the theatre above the banks of the river. It is set out in areas correlating to the parts of the globe that the plant hunters visited.

The guide leaflet takes you round the countries of the garden and explains in brief seven of the most significant plant hunters, while there are more boards describing others who also brought family favourites, some of the plants being named after the plant hunters – eg David Douglas brought the Douglas Fir to the UK, and Augustine Henry brought the Rhododendron augustinnii from China.

I have lots more pictures of the gardens which I can load at a later date. I would really recommend this garden for a visit.

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