What I am not very good at?

In July we actually have got to the point of nurture, and I have lost interest! The plants which I planted late in the greenhouse all need twice daily soaking. And I am in a hot puddle in the shade. I need a Mr Motivator figure on my shoulder to nag me!

The cycle will be returned to next year and I need to make a note to self: focus on an area I can potter in under the trees at lunchtime out of the midday sun.

The trail of half done jobs around the garden do also have a bit of a mantra. ‘You need a plan.’ Like many creatives, the plan is in my head, desperately looking for an outlet. I need to find my electronic drawing programme that will let me go free with a digital pen, but when my iPad died earlier this year, I replaced it with the version which doesn’t have a digital pen. Argh!

Alan Titchmarsh apparently still uses tracing paper, Charlie Dimmock still colours and paints by hand while there are others creeping onto the scene with digital drawings winning over the ‘Love my Garden’ crews.

Growing through the grass…

With my 3 jobs maybe by Christmas I can wrap up something – if not, have a clear desk space – which will enable me to express a garden vision?

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