Thinking out loud…

I got inveigled into correspondence with an online astrologer and I have to say the promise of an interesting period in my life which could change it forever… Maybe my new job is the astonishing changes I needed to make?

I received my new work boots (steel toe caps and midline protection?) and I’ve never been so excited to see a pair of boots!

Steeltoed and midsole protection…

My brother actually does astronomy and I double checked! Nope not a chance it might be true.

My husbands car died at the weekend when I went to try to get boots at the Galleria (lots of factory outlets) so we went online in the end. And I thought I’d give the black n pink ones a go and I got some waterproof climbing trousers (I can’t find my other waterproof trousers I’ve had for years).

I will get offline and try them on!

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