Drippy June/July/August?

A wild flower?

Some seed pods to cultivate?

Another gravel patch!
Agapanthus! Yay!

Is the wet weather here to stay? I hope not! Life is full of new challenges and I am feeling caught up in an endless chain of struggles with phone and media providers – I would hate to do their jobs, don’t get me wrong – but if I can’t understand a phone conversation, or have a meaningful dialogue, it doesn’t bode well for an easy to use service? Perhaps Brexit will force the employment of a few more of the people in this country rather than the outsourcing to other far flung continents?

I am just angry a lot these days so if it continues to chuck it down, I can’t even see my way to pulling out some dandelions…

That’s a good way to build up my strength, however, as I am going to take on a new job which will mean gardening in all weathers! Starting at 8am and working through till just after the school gets out. Very little childcare needed. I am already in ownership of outdoor trousers and steel-toed boots will be delivered today. And it relates better to the things I love? If you’re going to work hard, make it something you love?

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