Slurping into June…

It’s definitely warmer, and I am achieving longer stints in the garden, if I’m not doing admin… But, and it’s a smallish but, my routine has yet to settle into watering… Luckily we may be getting hotter but the rain keeps falling. And as Brits, we anticipate wet weather plan changes as appropriate.

Poppies growing at random!
Roses are providing colour and scent.

I think this is thyme? It’s in the herb garden?

Broad beans need planting out with the bamboo stakes.

I live my life on a constant treadmill at the moment, as no sooner do we think we are getting out of the sludge, than another dark puddle appears? I truly thought our annus horriblis was last year, but the pot of gold at the end of countless rainbows is also as yet far away.

So it’s going to be Mindfulness for Gardener’s, (I wrote about that on my blogger spot) while I positively research the art of positively tapping my way to satisfaction. Failing that I could try and summon some Zen, and honour the Buddha.

But currently my jobs in the garden involve more weeding than anything else, which is good space for contemplation. I am more determined than ever to get myself a job as time spent in the garden sets me off on mindless spending sprees to change and renovate… Decrepit sheds are only becoming more decrepit, despite our attempts at maintenance. The wish list with a garden workspace shed to replace at least 2 of the existing sheds looks even more distant, as do the purchase of anything external when the boundaries are also allowing nocturnal felines and other mammals to wander through at will. So I need to put my attention to finding paid entertainment work.

The most prominent masonry round the apple tree is falling apart…

Not looking all that watertight!

Is this edible? Also in herb garden…

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