Rain stops play!

I realised I had an extra hour before I collect my smallest and thought I could pull up some more weeds… and I even got the kettle out? Yes I read a thrifty tip: my nemesis and the even spikier ones have been getting boiled… Not something to do on areas you’re cultivating, I hasten to add, but the concrete area we dug up to put in the storm drain has yet to be covered with something, and the most vicious of weeds are making their presence felt. So I’ve been boiling full kettles and pouring the steaming water over the weeds. And it works.

I had to add the one Squeaky did?

But mid assassination the rain came on… I wonder how the school gardening club (the source of my extra gardening time 🍀) deal with it? Last week they had filled a whole load of lemonade bottles (minus the tops) and attached them to the fence on the entrance to the school, which promises to be very pretty.

Yesterday I did manage to cut some grass, after a good twenty minutes trying to find the battery for the lawnmower – and boy I searched everywhere – before spotting that it had been put away in the lawnmower last week and was still there, instead of stored inside (I told you our sheds are ramshackle) in the house…

The spiky weed didn’t like being boiled…

And I was planning to get some of my seedlings out of the greenhouse but now I am tap-p-ping out this blog instead…

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